• Construction Deficiency Investigations

    These investigations are performed in order to determine if structural and/or cosmetic distress at the building may be a result of a construction deficiency or method of construction.

In some cases, these investigations require some destructive work to verify the “as-built” conditions and a structural analysis. Some examples of this type of investigation may include:

    • Under-Sized Framing:
      Distress due to installation of incorrectly sized framing members (i.e. Sagging ceilings and overly "Bouncy" floors).
    • Compromised Framing Members:
      Evaluation of distress due to compromised framing members such as beams and columns "notched" or modified during construction.
    • Moisture Penetration:
      Distress due to improper flashing adjacent to Windows, Doors, and Roof-to-Wall Connections.