• Foundation or Structural Investigations

    Both Foundation and Structural Investigations are typically performed in order to evaluate the "Distress Conditions and possible Floor Un-Levelness" of a building. These Investigations provide the basis to develop Opinions on the cause of these Conditions as well as recommendations for repair, if necessary.

In Foundation Investigations, our clients are generally concerned about the performance of a building's Foundation, which requires an evaluation performed by a Licensed Professional Engineer. This evaluation determines Foundation movements and a course of action, if required, to minimize movements of the Foundation.

In both cases, an on-site visit is performed for these investigations to conduct Observations of the building, which include, but are not limited to:

    • Foundation and Floor Elevation Surveys
    • Observations of accessible Pier and Beam Foundation/Floor Framing members (Crawl Space).
    • Observations of accessible Roof Framing members (Attic).